October 14, 2016

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

…at the end of last month we made our family trip to Sandrohy and the surrounding villages… the goals of the trip were to get to know the area, to meet with the local people and their headmen (mpanjaka) and to see where we might live as a family… We emphasised that we are coming to share the Good News from the Bible with them, but that we need to learn their dialect first. We asked them for their friendship as we will need some people to stand by us. The responses were heartwarming – especially in two villages. In Tsiombivositra the whole village said they wanted to be friends and asked for a photo as a confirmation between us of our friendship. We will print the photo and bring it to the headman on our next visit. We were touched by the fact that it was not just the headman pledging allegiance with us, but it was clearly something in which everyone wanted a part.” Praise God that the Hofmanns are forming good relationships with the people they are seeking to live and work among, and please pray for continued blessing on those relationships, that God would use them to bring his gospel to the Tanala.

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