August 21, 2020

Jessica Goldschmidt-Habyarimana

Jessica is currently in the Netherlands on Home Assignment. She has recently married Eric, who is studying at Bible College in the Netherlands. “We are thankful to God that Eric has finished his first year at Tyndale Theological Seminary successfully. It was an intense year of studying. Jessica, on her side, had to say goodbyes to many dear friends after having spent eight years in Rwanda… we are now standing at the start of a yet-to-be-discovered road in front of us that we will travel together. What will this journey look like? Eric has two years remaining of his studies at Tyndale… Jessica still needs to see what the next step will be for her. Will she stay in full-time ministry, and if yes, where would God have her serve and use her gifts? Will she look for a secular job for these two years? Will she work part-time in both fields? Please pray for clarity and that God would open the right doors.”

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