July 7, 2017

Jessica Goldschmidt

“Juliette (my friend, language helper and translator) and I have been visiting Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) to hear WHY WAIT? lessons being taught… As a guest, I am regularly given the opportunity to speak. With Juliette’s help in translating, I asked them what they thought the most important decision to make in life was. They gave good replies, but I told them that I thought there was an even more important one, which was to decide whether we would follow Jesus or decide to live our own lives. I mentioned how just knowing about the fact that Jesus died on the cross wasn’t enough… After we finished, the pastor then asked the sewing students if any of them wanted to give their life to Jesus and one of the girls did! Yes God had much bigger plans than I did when visiting that VTC!” Praise God for this confession of faith and pray that this student would become a faithful disciple of Christ. Pray for similar opportunities in Jessica’s work.

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