January 6, 2017

James & Claire Gibson

James writes: “Emily and I have been continuing our work with the USPCA shelter on the other side of Kampala. Emily put a request to her sending agency, Christian Veterinary Mission, for help with the large numbers of surgeries the USPCA needed to catch up with. In response, we had four sets of visiting vets over the last five weeks… To make the most of the opportunity, we got in touch with final year students and used the USPCA as a satellite training facility for four students each week. Students were given intensive training in clinical examinations, anaesthetic dose calculation, anaesthetic monitoring, surgical preparation and technique. In addition we were able to pray and share stories of faith and veterinary life with them. Give thanks for the successful season with short-termers at the USPCA. Pray for the people that visited, that God would continue to work in their lives.

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