June 24, 2016

James & Claire Gibson

James writes: “A recent trip was with my colleague, Dr Daniel Graham, to the West of Uganda. This time we were to go to a town called Kihihi. Daniel had a contact in Kihihi, a young man called Joshua, who had started a community project with friends to support the local coffee growers’ association… Joshua’s idea was to start a pig unit to support the coffee growers. Once the breeding pig unit was up and running, he would distribute pigs to the farmers to breed themselves and therefore supplement their incomes. The visit was a chance for Daniel and I to discuss with the members of the community project how God has given us all a responsibility to look after the animals he has created and we were able to go through some principles of sound pig production…. Joshua and his colleagues are currently volunteering for the community project and it was humbling to see their heart for their local area to succeed and prosper.” Praise God for Joshua’s heart to bless his community and this opportunity to share truth about God as well as bless the community through sharing knowledge. Please pray for God’s blessing on the project.

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