February 3, 2017


Heidi arrived from Canada on January 8th and Stephanie left on January 10th. Heidi is settling well into her new class and the children have shown a real resilience as they have adapted. I do miss Steph a lot, but also feel content in this new season and am getting used to having the apartment to myself, hosting guests and finding new rhythms. I am grateful to the Lord for the way he has challenged me and pushed me to trust more and hold on less through this time, but that doesn’t mean I have to discount my emotions and feelings because he has grace and wisdom for all of it! …Change often brings questions and exposes insecurity, so what a joy it is to rest in the fact that he knows, he understands and he can meet all our needs in abundance.” Please pray that Hannah will grow closer to God and adapt well to Steph being away; and pray for Heidi and as she works together with the other teachers at Wellspring, that they will get to know each other well, and enjoy good communication and unity in their work.

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