June 8, 2018


“GREAT NEWS! We have a teacher who is able to come and teach from August to December, which will cover Heidi’s home assignment. In my next letter, I will share more details about how that came about, and the testimony it is to God’s Sovereignty and plans. Thank you for your understanding and continued prayers! What this means for me…It means I will teach just 2 grades (1 and 2). This is a wonderful answer to prayer, there were lots of dynamics that led us to pray for this change in class size, and we are grateful for God’s provision. We are continuing to pray for a teacher for January-June 2019 so that I can go on home assignment, and for the following school year to cover for Debbie. If a teacher can come by this December (in order to transition with me), I will go on Home Assignment as planned late December/early January. If this is not the case, I am prepared to postpone my home assignment so that we can complete the year with 3 classes. I am at peace about both options and trust the Lord will make His will clear in due course. Please keep praying: for teachers, and for grace as we wait on the Lord.”

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