January 30, 2015

Graeme & Eli Mallett

“Right now we are in the middle of rainy season here in Mahajanga. It has been cloudy and overcast nearly every day for weeks. Most days there has been some torrential rain either in a short burst or most of the day. In has also been quite eventful chez Mallett and we have felt under spiritual attack in some small ways; Jessica was intimidated by a persistent bull on the way home from school one day, there was a minor gas explosion from our gas stove oven which slightly singed Eli, everyone has been under the weather with a virus, our phones have broken, our laptop has broken, we have had power cuts and Graeme was hit on the head and knocked over by our gate coming loose in the wind. Perhaps we should feel encouraged to be worthy of some setbacks even if they are nothing in comparison to those endured by the heroes of the faith.”

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