December 5, 2020

Give thanks for 3D Christian Camps

Praise God for all the 3D Christian Camps camps in Rwanda have done in young people’s lives. Jessica Goldschmidt shares this testimony from a former camp attendee:

“I participated in the camp in 2017 and it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I had not expected so much but after completing the camp I was amazed at how wonderful the experience had been. This camp taught me that in my walk with God it is very important to have discipline in everything I do. It also taught me that there is always something I can do or contribute in the kingdom of God.  

I also learnt that God always expects us to have a serving heart towards others. Afterwards, my friends and I saw the need for a Bible study at church and we immediately started one which has been going since then. I thank God because we have been able to learn the Word of God and start applying it in our daily lives.”

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