November 3, 2017

Emily Bushell

Emily is a short term member serving alongside the Digo TIMO team helping with home-schooling. She writes of her recent experience meeting a Digo believer “She became a Christian after missionaries came when she was a small child. They helped her get healing from an infection. And this began her personal journey. She faced family difficulties yet from a young age has declared that she will never leave Jesus because even if you kill her you can’t take him away. She is a Digo. This is the reality of many Digo Christians. I also got to visit a Digo led and congregated church. This is a small village church whose Pastor risks his life daily just by remaining in the area with his wife and kids. But he knows God’s presence, God has spoken to him in many ways including the dream that led him to follow Jesus in the first place. Beyond what I can bring to this community are those Digo who are already Christians. They have left Islam whether they were following it fervently or nominally and they face a challenging life but they know God, they know the cost and the blessings and they know how to relate to their neighbours far better than I. Please pray for me to know how to witness well to my neighbours but also for the local Christians here. I am teaching the American kids, getting to know my neighbours, visiting other areas, open up my home for kids’ ministry each Saturday, have been visiting the SEN school and meeting with friends for tea. Please pray for intentionality and fruitfulness in my moves.”

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