August 26, 2016

Donna Morrison

“This week we’re travelling up to the remote Karamoja region. Its the poorest region in the country, around a 10-hour drive away and where the majority of children on the streets come from. The focus of the week is on training and sensitisation meetings with many different community groups (including government officials and legislative authorities) on everyone’s responsibility in stopping child trafficking.  We are running it under our theme of #SchoolsNotStreets and are excited about the scope of the activities and all the anticipated participants attending!  We are committed to trying to address the cause of child migration but need all the different stakeholders to be on board to really make a lasting difference. We are planning a celebration event with the local community leaders, school children and families, where we will have face painting for the children, a mobile clinic, food and will award prizes for the parents who take good interest in their child’s education.”

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