February 7, 2020

Diaspora ministry in the UK

 “As we look back at this past year, we invite you to rejoice with us in how God has answered our joint prayers: 1. Connect with people: More women/students to attend activities. We’ve seen an increased attendance at every ministry activity. 2. More interaction with “S” people. There are more “S” ladies coming to the English classes. 3. Spiritual Fruit: Proclaim the gospel within all activities. There was a gospel presentation at every ministry activity just prior to Christmas. In addition, there is a five-minute devotional each week at the Sewing class. As we prayerfully look at the year ahead, we invite you to also pray for the following: 1. More volunteers at the Homework Club. 2. The start-up of another homework club using Christian University students as the tutors for the immigrant middle and high school children. Ideally we would have a core group of non-student Christian tutors to cover when the university students are not here due to school breaks. 3. Spiritual fruit within each ministry activity. Please join us in praying for at least one person from each ministry to accept Jesus as their Saviour in 2020. Bearing in mind that some ministries have gone on for years with no visible spiritual fruit, this is a bold request.

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