August 16, 2019

Christoff & Sarah Power

The Power family have recently moved from their assignment on Mayotte to work in the Southern Region office based in Nairobi, Kenya. Chris is the Regional Administrative Officer and Sarah works in member care. “Chris has a 40-minute commute to the Southern Region office and is getting used to the chaotic Nairobi traffic, and the new office hours rhythm, which is actually a welcome change. He is enjoying getting to know the Southern Region members, all 84 of them across six countries, and opportunities there are for more people to join them in their work and ministries… Sarah will be mostly working from home in between the school runs, once school finally starts (it’s been a long summer for us!!). She is continuing coaching and looking for ways to develop member care for the Southern Region members.” Please pray for Chris and Sarah as they settle in to these new roles, and that God will equip them to serve Southern Region’s missionaries well.

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