January 17, 2020

Chris & Sarah Power

“Life in Nairobi has been busier than we imagined! We feel more and more settled in our roles in the office and have really benefited from having Loren & Donna, our more “senior” colleagues(!), to chat things through with and learn from. It’s been an adjustment to have a day job (obviously with phone calls and meetings seeping into evenings too sometimes!). Because the people we’re interacting with are all at a distance (spread out across the Southern Region countries), it has made us ask what our role is with the local people here who we see face to face in our church, neighbourhood and at the school gates. Chris had the opportunity to preach at a different church a few weeks ago which was eye-opening because it was smaller and more rural than the church we’ve joined. He enjoyed getting a taste of a more traditional side of Kenyan culture.” Please pray for guidance for Chris, Sarah and the family as they consider God’s call on them locally as well as how they serve AIM’s missionaries in Southern Region.

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