October 21, 2016

Carrie Pither

Carrie has finished her orientation and has now begun serving as AIM Air’s Executive Officer at their base in Nairobi, Kenya. “It seems incredible but I have now been in Africa for three months and my time in orientation phase is drawing to a close. It’s been wonderful to spend this period of time establishing my home, making new friends, focusing on language and settling into a new church. My natural desire to ‘get things done’ has found comfort and calm in being given this dedicated time to settle into life in Africa. It’s also been a sound lesson in patience, knowing and respecting God’s timings.… My time with AIM Air [began on the 17th] and having visited the hangar already I [was] excited about starting with a great team and learning, growing and serving together. I’m praying that my part in God’s saving purposes will be fruitful.” Please pray for wisdom, inspiration and grace for Carrie as she starts her work with AIM Air.

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