January 23, 2015

Bruce & Jan Rossington

“Towards the end of last term, Jan received the exciting news that RVA has been approved as an official IGCSE test centre.  This will be a great blessing to the school’s British students… From now on, they will be able to take their exams here at RVA, at different times of the year, and have the option of submitting coursework.  The IGCSE teachers will also have access to training and support. Please pray for Jan as she advises the School’s administration and individual teachers on how best to deliver the IGCSE curriculum to RVA’s British students. While Jan has been hobnobbing with the great and the good of the British education system, Bruce has been hanging out with screaming babies and assorted poultry on the bus network of rural Tanzania… The reason for this trip was to support a team that are translating Bible stories into the local language of an unreached people group who live along the coast of Tanzania… When not travelling and checking the stories produced by outreach teams, Bruce continues to work on his Swahili.  The aim is to be relatively fluent within the next six months, so that he can start conducting Bible translation sessions in the language. Please pray for Bruce as he tries to take his Swahili to the next level and travels to a remote part of Kenya on 4th February to advise an AIM team on how to provide the Samburu with access to Scripture in their mother tongue.”

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