February 17, 2017

Bruce & Jan Rossington

A recent safari was Bruce’s December trip to Tanzania… He was able to provide advice and training to two different projects: a team translating a set of Bible stories into the language of the Datooga tribe and a team translating the Gospel of Luke into the Cushitic language of an unreached people group who have had little chance to hear about Jesus… In both cases, the drafting was being done by local people, with Tanzanian and expat facilitators making sure that the drafters fully understood the biblical text that they were translating. It was so exciting to see people engaging with God’s Word for the first time and making it come alive in their own language. Bruce spent the month of January checking the book of Acts for a community on the Indian Ocean Islands. The team is now working through his comments, and he will meet up with two of them in March to check that the book is ready for distribution. Please pray for them as they make decisions about key words such as ‘believe’, ‘grace’ and ‘Lord’.”

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