March 4, 2016

Bruce & Jan Rossington

“…on 29th February, Bruce ‘leaped’ onto a plane to Dar es Salaam. On Tuesday [1st March] morning, he made the 10-hour bus journey to the city of Dodoma, where he will spend the next eight days. For the first three days, he will be facilitating a Scripture Engagement workshop for AIM and SIL personnel working with three unreached people groups in that area. Specifically, he will be helping the teams to think through the issue of how people who speak more than one language can engage with God’s Word in a meaningful way. The group will explore other barriers to Scripture Engagement and start to develop a strategy for overcoming them. After the workshop, Bruce will remain in Dodoma and check the second half of Revelation with the Rangi translation team. Please pray for them as they tackle [Revelation] 21:19-20, amongst other challenging verses! Bruce will break his journey back to Dar for a three-day stopover in the town of Morogoro, where he will attend an annual strategy meeting for all organisations working in Bible translation in Tanzania – how can they avoid duplication of effort and partner more effectively with one another and with the Local Church?”

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