January 18, 2016

Bruce & Jan Rossington

Bruce & Jan Rossington are this year celebrating 10 years of serving with AIM. They write “When we boarded Kenya Airways Flight 101 to Nairobi, we had no idea that we’d end up living in Cameroon and Kenya in addition to Rwanda, or that we’d end up leading theological colleges, teaching French or translating the Bible. We praise God for knowing all that in advance, for preparing us for each task, and for giving us the strength to see them through.  We also want to acknowledge the part that each one of you has played in our lives during that period – by praying for our ministries and our family life, by supporting us financially, by speaking and writing words of encouragement, and by ministering to us in a variety of ways during our times back in the UK.  One of the many privileges of serving cross-culturally is the necessity of depending on others – ultimately on God, but also on other people. It has been a humbling and enriching experience. Thank you.”

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