March 27, 2020

Bruce & Jan Rossington

“…the students left school early and it seems unlikely that they will be able to return in time for the start of third term. Jan and her fellow teachers are therefore being given a crash course in online teaching. The amount of new skills to learn has felt overwhelming at times, so please pray for Jan as she steps well outside her comfort zone in order to support her students, some of whom will sit important AP (A-Level equivalent) exams in mid-May (now shortened and online). Bruce was supposed to be in Rwanda this week, checking a translation of Luke’s Gospel with a team from DR Congo. He cancelled the trip at the eleventh hour when the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Kenya was announced. It proved to be the right decision – had he travelled, he would have ended up self-quarantining in both Rwanda and Kenya. All flights in and out of Rwanda were subsequently suspended. For the time being, Bruce will support his two translation projects remotely and has plenty of Scripture Engagement work to keep him busy.” Please pray for Bruce and Jan as they adapt to working remotely.

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