June 1, 2018

Bruce & Jan Rossington

Bruce has recently made a trip to Tanzania to help translate the book of Romans into Rangi: “In addition to the two translators, other members of the language community gave their input in ‘real time’ via a Facebook page where the translators sometimes post questions about challenging words or concepts… The Facebook moment in Dodoma was a helpful reminder that African societies are forging ahead in many areas and that Bible translation needs to take account of this reality… In most places around the world, people speak three or more languages on a daily basis, making choices about which language to use on the basis of where they are, who they’re with and what they’re talking about… Identities and aspirations are caught up in these different languages and the church/translation/missions community needs to understand these dynamics in order to bring God’s word to bear on people’s lives in meaningful ways.” Please pray for wisdom for Bruce as he works with local translation teams in being able to translate the Bible in meaningful ways.

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