April 21, 2017

Barry & Heather Mann

“The next few months are, as usual, pretty busy for us. Heather has accounts to finish, an audit to prepare for, and tax returns to file. We have donor reporting and annual staff appraisals to complete by the end of April, staff contracts to renew, a team capacity building event that Barry has to prepare for and run, a coaching course to do, and the AIM Lesotho retreat too. All that in addition to everyday things for AIM and Growing Nations, including capturing a range of farmer stories on video. In all the busy-ness though it has been amazing to see how the staff team, particularly the department managers, have continued to develop and grow. In most instances decisions are made with minimal input from us and they themselves have instigated monthly managers’ meetings to help work together as a team, make corporate decisions and improve communication across Growing Nations. It truly is a joy to see and a pleasure to work with all of the staff.” Praise God for how he is growing the staff team at Growing Nations! Please pray for the work that Barry and Heather have to do in the coming months; that they will get it finished in good time and work well in the time they have.

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