December 6, 2019

Barry & Heather Mann

Barry & Heather are currently in the UK on Medical Leave, and have tried to visit Lesotho, but for various reasons this has been delayed: “Having spent many hours in various waiting rooms over the previous 19 months we have both become very used to waiting. Actually, life in Lesotho has prepared us well for that. In July we thought that our period of ‘waiting’ was over & that we would be able to return to Lesotho for a visit but that clearly wasn’t to be, so we have been back in the waiting room, but rather ‘God’s waiting room’ this time. We are ready and waiting for the right moment to at least visit Lesotho. Waiting is not always easy and has been a little frustrating at times, particularly during the moments when we have made plans only for them to be dashed. We have no idea why all of these things have happened to stop us from returning to Lesotho but clearly we are not meant to be there at the moment. We are very much trusting God in the knowledge that our return to Africa will be in His timing not ours. Our desire is to continue to serve Him so we need to be ready for when that moment comes.” Please pray for Barry and Heather as they try to get the balance right between their work for Growing Nations and other needs. Pray that God would make it clear to them when they should visit Lesotho, and that he would make clear to them what his longer-term plan for their ministry is.

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