October 23, 2020

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

The de Leeuw family are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return when possible. “While the Netherlands is going into stricter lockdown again, the opportunity has come up for us to return to South Sudan. Last week we were able to arrange many things. We are still waiting for our South Sudan visas. If everything goes according to plan, we will fly out of the Netherlands on Thursday 5th November. If the journey is successful we will be back in the Laarim on Sunday 8th November. The journey will be long and with more regulations than we are used to, but we look forward to be able to go to our home again. In the Laarim we will first be in quarantine for 10 days and then take up our work in the community.” Please pray for everything to fall into place so that the de Leeuw family can return to their ministry among the Laarim at the beginning of November.

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