January 24, 2020

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

“…this month Noblesse (Rwanda), Dan (America) and Joel (America) will complete our Laarim team. In the last few months we have been busy with practical matters before their arrival such as housing, conversations with chiefs, advice on what to bring, ordering food, booking tickets and answering all the questions they have about life in the Laarim. We look forward to their arrival and enjoy our role as team leader. Noblesse was part of our previous team, but Dan and Joel are completely new to the Laarim and without previous experience of Africa. We are in a period of showing them what it’s like to live in the Laarim. How you learn the Laarim language (which is not in writing), how you learn the Laarim culture and what you can and cannot do in the Laarim. How to make a tasty, nutritious meal if you have to make everything without packets and jars [of ingredients]. How do you rest in a culture that constantly asks you to be on standby. But also how you can get used to living far away from your familiar surroundings and family and friends around you. A lot of challenges of which our challenge is to guide the new team members through this whole process.” Please pray for Noblesse, Dan and Joel as they adjust to life among the Laarim, and for Ard and Carin as they help them.

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