March 3, 2017

Annemarie Boks

Annemarie is about to return to the Netherlands for a medical check-up following her cancer treatment last year. “[A project] that I am working on is the writing of a book for the two-year Bible schools… Yoloki, a young woman who studied in Bunia, helped me to work on the book, which will be checked by a team of people with a theological, medical or educational background. When they agree about the text the book will be printed. I am still writing the syllabus for the participants [of a training course for church leaders]. The CECA church leaders hope that I will return and be able to make this training one of my main ministries, and train other facilitators that I can work with and who will then give the training themselves.” Please pray that Annemarie’s medical check-up will go well, and that she will be able to return to Adi soon to continue her work. Please pray for the the book and training sessions, that the work will continue in Annemarie’s absence and that the book and training will equip pastors well to care for those with HIV/Aids.

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