November 11, 2016

Annemarie Boks

Annemarie is currently on Medical Leave in the Netherlands after surgery to remove a cyst found in her abdomen. “To shorten a long story: surgery was done on 2nd May and the cyst removed. During surgery biopsies were taken and they found cancer cells… I needed to start with radiation- and chemotherapy… I have experienced that I have been carried by the prayers of many friends worldwide and by God. And what is ahead? After having had the last chemo treatment on 6th October, and after consultation with the oncologist and AIM I am authorised to return to Adi for a short period of time. I must say that I don’t have the impression that my time in DR Congo is finished. During the time that I am back I’d like to see what is happening in Adi, in the hospital, and with the orphans that have been supported by the AIDS programme. Also I’d like to talk with the CECA church leaders to know how they see my ministry and involvement and to think about how to put a programme together to make this work practically.” Praise God for healing Annemarie of cancer, and please pray for his blessing on her visit back to Adi. Pray for wisdom for Annemarie, AIM and CECA as to what her future ministry will look like.

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