April 26, 2019

Annemarie Boks

In February Annemarie returned to DR Congo after a couple of months’ leave: “I have been involved straight away with the testing at the prenatal clinics; have already visited a health centre with one doctor and the nurse who is in charge of the treatment program of HIV to follow the testing during prenatal clinic there; spoken at a youth conference for at least 1000 young people; the book for Bible Schools has been corrected for the very last time and is now at the press to be printed… And I could go on. Every day is filled. Especially writing the report of all the activities of the AIDS Program in 2018 took time. And I made a plan for 2019… The report has been sent to the CECA office in Bunia in time for it to be included in the final report of the church president to be given during General Assembly of CECA… Praise God for what I was able to do in the Aids Program last year, and pray that God will be the focus for the activities planned for this year.”

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