February 15, 2019

Annemarie Boks

“30 years ago I boarded the plane for the very first time to start ministry in Zaire (now DR Congo), not knowing what would happen or what to anticipate. The flight was long and brought me first to Nairobi in Kenya. After a couple of days I flew to Zaire and entered through Bunia. Then it was off to Oicha. While my job description had said that it was mainly nursing with maybe some teaching on the spot, the first question I was asked was if I came to teach at the school of nurses. Having no clue what that would imply, I answered that I was willing to try and then opted to teach about Community Health. 30 years later, I can tell that this teaching prepared me for the work I am doing now. I still am teaching, only no longer in the school of nurses but in the community and in the church, and about HIV and AIDS. And I am doing so much more, like writing books, translating books, producing, filming and editing movies, testing people for HIV, and so on… During all these years God has been with me, he has walked before me and protected me under his wings. He has called me to serve Him in Congo and has proved to be a faithful God. I pray that I may prove to be faithful to Him.” Praise God for his faithfulness in leading Annemarie and being with her in her ministry for the last 30 years!

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