January 26, 2018

Annemarie Boks

“Coming Sunday, January 28, I fly to Nairobi. Why Nairobi? I will go there for two AIM conferences. The first one is for people who work in Health Care and the second one is a leadership meeting, Koinonia. After that I will fly to Entebbe, spend a couple of days in Kampala to do some shopping and then it is off home to Adi. Happy news: I will no longer be the only missionary in Adi as a German couple (Matthias is a medical doctor and his wife Sabine is a midwife) have arrived in Adi already and have started to enjoy getting to know the people. So…, I am anticipating God will continue his work this year. In my life, in the AIDS Awareness Program, in Bethsaida. And I am looking forward to it.”

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