March 31, 2017

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace serves amongst the Laarim of South Sudan. He writes: “Whilst we are not immune to the impact of the nation’s ongoing civil conflict, we are somewhat distanced from it out here in the village, and in many ways life simply carries on as normal…. (And later in the letter)…We are preparing an Easter week of teachings, beginning with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and culminating in his resurrection the following Sunday. We hope that by unfolding these stories one after the other during this week, the people will engage with and understand more deeply the truth of what Jesus accomplished and what he had to go through to do it. The idea also appeals to us because like most African peoples the Laarim have keen aural memory and an aptitude for storytelling. In preparation for the week itself (which will be 9th-16th April) we are telling the stories at our Sunday morning gatherings so that some of the people will hear them in advance. I am also working on a couple more songs with the children along an Easter theme. Please pray for us in the run up to this time, especially as we consider the best time of day and location to have our gatherings so that many people are able to attend.”

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