January 17, 2020

Andrew Beckham

Andrew will finish serving with AIM at the end of this month, but shares some news of the clinic that he and Anna were involved with among the Laarim: “Our Laarim brother Angelo Lowuyo has decided to seek healthcare training in Kenya so he can be of greater assistance amongst his people group. He hopes this will enable an increased role in the local clinic, providing better pay and a platform for ongoing evangelistic outreach to the Laarim. He is currently in the application process but may be going to Nairobi this summer… Denis and Alice continue in their respective roles as Clinical Officer and Midwife at the clinic in Kimatong. They have also been joined by another midwife and a nurse for a year. Angelo also still works at the clinic every week. This is such a huge change from two years ago, and an amazing and encouraging answer to prayer.” Please pray for God’s guidance for Angelo, and for sustained transformation of the health system.

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