October 20, 2017

Andrew & Anna Beckham

“…we are following a Discovery Bible Study method of presenting God’s word followed by a couple of questions. The questions we ask every week are simply ‘What have you learnt or heard from this story?’ and ‘What can you do to obey God’s Word this week?’…In light of the strong oral tradition of storytelling in this illiterate community we have chosen to predominantly use Bible stories told initially by ourselves, and then repeated by members of the group until they have an accurate and consistent recollection of the whole story. In order to facilitate this, our team has spent the last couple of months crafting a Bible Story set (in English) to give an overview from Creation, through Christ and to the Church. We have chosen specific stories that provide essential pieces of information about God and His salvation plan for us, along the theme of Blessing and Cursing. This was chosen due to its regular mention in the Bible, but also its significance for the Laarim who live in fear of being cursed (by God, wizards, neighbouring tribes) but strive to receive blessing through many spiritual practices, including animal sacrifice…We would love your prayers specifically this month for the group that meets in Mary’s compound. We now have seven regular and keen attendees at this group on a Wednesday night. We aim to see this group becoming more independent to the point of being able to lead itself, once the story set is translated and can be memorised by one of the group each week to tell the others. Please pray for wisdom for us, and equipping for this group as we seek for it to move from a Discovery Bible Study group to a Home Church. Please also continue to pray for protection and perseverance in spiritual attack and local persecution of these young believers.”

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