September 8, 2017

Andrew & Anna Beckham

“On Wednesday evening we were hugely encouraged by the group meeting at our friend Mary Marko’s home. Mary was asked to begin with some opening worship and, after initially stumbling through some songs she has heard us teach the children, she decided instead to lead two songs she has written herself. All the other adults from her compound knew them too and they loudly sang of Christ’s death and resurrection for them. Anna then shared the story of Jairus’ daughter risen from the dead. After a collective family retelling of the story, and a discussion of what they had learnt from God’s Word this week, they concluded that Jesus had power. Real power. Each in turn then spontaneously gave testimony of how they had seen this power at work in recently answered prayer. Even a newcomer to the group called Lomugwe described that while we were away her child became very sick and she didn’t know what to do. So she repeated the words of prayer that she had heard us speak before, talking to her Father God and asking him to chase away the sickness of her son. The next day he was completely better. Later Mary told us that Lomugwe had previously refused the Word of God, but Mary has been teaching her every day, and now she accepts the way of Jesus in her own life. Praise God! The meeting concluded with further prayers, for healing, for food, for peace, but remarkably also, prayers of thanks to God. This is something unbelievably counter-cultural for a people where generations of foreign aid has created something of a culture of expectation rather than gratitude. The events of that evening are nothing short of miraculous and something that has encouraged us daily in our ministry. We hope to similarly encourage you in your prayers!”

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