March 31, 2017

Andrew & Anna Beckham

Andrew & Anna Beckham (Phoebe, 2) serve among the Laarim of South Sudan. They write: “We now await the promised UN food delivery which can then be distributed equitably according to the census…Anna also had the opportunity to be involved in this distribution through the clinic which gave her the chance to see up close those in the community who are suffering the consequences of the food shortage and hear stories of those who have already died from starvation. Unfortunately the food crisis throughout the country is being complicated by delayed and disrupted delivery of supplies. You may have seen recent articles in the news about attacks on aid workers involved in the distribution. It is reported the food for our own region is currently being held in Kapoeta, awaiting an armed escort, because of the risk of attack, and there currently appears to be no indication when it may actually materialise.” Praise God for an open door at the clinic so far, and opportunities to learn and serve there. Continue to lift the Laarim and South Sudan in the ongoing food crisis and the safe distribution of aid.

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