February 3, 2017

Andrew & Anna Beckham

“[A few weeks ago] we had the privilege of being welcomed into a Laarim family on our Homestay… This was a fantastic experience as we stayed for one week with Mary Nyepotei, the second of Chief Marco’s three wives, and gained the opportunity to boost our language learning and cultural understanding. This was an additional honour as it was only three weeks after Mary gave birth to her daughter… Mary did a remarkable job of maintaining good spirits while hosting a bunch of inept Brits despite newborn sleepless nights… It was wonderful to spend more time with Mary and Marco and see how their lives are shaped. We met the wider family, ground sorghum, made beaded jewellery, rounded up the goats at night, built a newlywed’s house, introduced them to pancakes, sang a lot of songs and watched the Jesus film together under the stars. We now pray that God can use this time to further deepen our friendship with the chief and his family and enable us to become more part of the community here in Chauwa.

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