August 26, 2016

Andrew and Anna Beckham

The Beckham family arrived in Kampala, Uganda on August 13th, where they remain for a period of orientation, until they get further confirmation of onward travel plans. They write:“Unfortunately it’s not all been sunshine. Culture shock is a normal part of transition into a new environment and something we had expected prior to our arrival. However prepared we may have felt though, it is still an unpleasant process, as normal coping mechanisms and support networks are left behind. We have been feeling a little flat and homesick at times, and Phoebe has not slept as well as she was before we left the UK. We know this is all part of our transition but please pray for God’s comfort and peace for us at this time.” They go on to write: “When we find ourselves facing so much uncertainty (referring to the current situation in South Sudan), and powers far beyond our control, it is not surprising we battle with doubt and fear. Yet we know God has led us faithfully this far and so we look to trust Him wholeheartedly, that He may show us the right way to go”.

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