July 15, 2016

Andrew & Anna Beckham

The Beckhams were due to fly to South Sudan to begin serving on the Laarim Focus team this week. “Although [the fighting in South Sudan] has not yet directly affected the Laarim people to whom we were going, the conflict has reached as far as Torit, our nearest major town, around 90km from our destination. For this reason AIM has decided it is not wise to be sending personnel to the region until more is known of how the situation may develop. Our flights have been cancelled and our team who were on site have also left until more becomes clear. At this time we know little more about what the future may hold for us, but to expect this will significantly change our plans over at least the next month… God is good. Very, very good and also sovereign over all. This shows us even more how much South Sudan needs the gospel of the Prince of Peace. We have a wise mission agency who are working hard to adjust to this developing situation. Please lift all these things to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

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