September 21, 2018

Andrew & Anna Beckham

Andrew & Anna are currently in the UK on Medical Leave. Andrew writes, “After two weeks on the ward [Anna] was discharged back home to continue her rehabilitation, aided in large part by the necessity to negotiate a floor strewn with Lego pieces and cuddly toys. Having made reasonable progress we attended the oncology appointment and we are grateful that Anna commenced chemotherapy this morning. Due to continued significant symptoms and general underlying weakness this has been started as an inpatient in hospital while the medical team assess how Anna is able to tolerate the proposed treatment plan. God willing Anna will be able to come home later this week and continue chemotherapy for the coming two months before further reviews to assess its efficacy. This is not a stage we thought we would be at one month ago. We praise God for many answers to prayer that have brought us this far. This afternoon Anna and I sat together to commit her, our family and this medical process once again to God’s good and perfect plans. As we read together of God’s steadfast love for us… we were encouraged to put our hope not in the chemotherapy drugs themselves, nor in the wisdom and skill of the medical teams, but in God alone. Only his faithfulness is unfailing. We pray that he will be our portion whatever the coming months hold.”

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