October 11, 2019

Andrea Hellemann

“Once a year, we normally try to organise a camp for our kids so that they can enjoy a little vacation. It’s also a good opportunity to reach them with the Gospel. But this year, it didn’t look like it would work out financially. However, Baton (a musician and former resident), who works in Morogoro as a Christian animator, arranged for us to use an inexpensive, large campground with everything included. He even ordered nine buses (!) so that all of the Safina branches would be able to send children—a total of 550 kids… Despite the euphoria, I was a little apprehensive, thinking that 500 kids all on one campsite might not be the best idea and that they might get into trouble. But thanks to the great activities, the kids didn’t have time for that. And the best thing about it: of our 110 Dodoma kids, 56 came to faith in Christ at the camp. Four others were baptized just prior to it.” Praise God that these children came to faith, and please pray for them as they start their new lives of walking with God.

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