June 2, 2017

Andrea Hellemann

“We have begun with our work at the Shelter, though we have not yet had the dedication. Social Services and the Police have already sent us our first children. Indeed, two have already passed through the Shelter and are now integrated into one of our foster families. The idea behind the Shelter is to help these street kids with initial adjustments so that they can get along with others well enough to be accepted into a family. Peter and Ima, two former street kids, now grown up, serve as “house parents” – and are doing a good job. Presently, they’re looking after three teenagers and four children, three of which are of kindergarten age. Five-year old Ibrahim is one of our kids. He’d come for tea several times to our Drop-In Center while he was living with his mother on the police station property. Once we asked the police if she was still living there, and they told us she was crazy and that they had chased her away. She was now living with her son under a tree. This woman is quite apathetic and unable to care for her son. The police asked us to take him, which we did. His two big fears are, not to get enough to eat, and that he will be forgotten. Now he’s experiencing family.” Give praise to Him for the work of Safina and for the support and hope that they bring. Pray for others like Ibrahim who need to experience the warm embrace of our loving heavenly father.”

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