April 5, 2019

Amos Kennedy

Amos Kennedy is a short term missionary serving among the Gabbra in Dukana, Kenya. “Life here at the minute is characterized by the many challenges and harsh realities that come with the environment. Drought still continues to devastate most of northern Kenya, and the Gabbra are certainly not exempt from the problems such dry and hot times bring. Here at the mission station we have over 100 people come every Monday morning from villages up to 45km away to seek help from our food for work program that we have been running. They hope to be given work for the week in order to be given a payment in food supplies so that they can feed their families… At the end of the week they’re given sugar, maize, beans, flour, milk, oil, salt and rice. However, it an impossible task to give work to all, and so we rotate on a weekly basis with the most needy being given priority. Distinguishing between needs is extremely difficult, especially as when we would like to be able to help everyone… Pray for rains. Animals have already started to die, and these animals are what was left over from a much more severe drought two years ago, where people lost 80% of their livestock. If rain doesn’t come soon, then the chiefs and elders say that people will begin to die.”

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