February 22, 2019

Amos Kennedy

Amos Kennedy is a short term missionary serving among the Gabbra in Dukana, Kenya. “Normally the Gabbra evangelist/mechanic employed here, Duba, and I head out around sunset in order to reach the villages by the time everyone is back from their days herding the animals and to coincide with the time of night when they would be telling stories…Last week we went out to one village and waited while a goat was slaughtered and prepared for us and we were, of course, given fresh skin bracelets to show that we were the honoured guests the animal had been slaughtered for. This isn’t a fast food process so we expected to be there all night, which was a great chance to sit under the stars and listen to the old men tell stories after we had shared our story about God who created this world, the sin that man fell into and is guilty of, and the Lamb that was sent to redeem us. This is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to getting to do. Just the other day I asked the wzee (elders) at one of the studies if they had ever heard the name of Jesus before the studies began last year, and they said no – we had never heard that name. Praise God for increased opportunity to tell of his goodness to people who are fresh to the gospel, and please pray that they would truly grasp and understand as we spend more time together in the word.”

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