December 21, 2018

Alan & Pauline Jordan

Alan & Pauline are preparing to go to their assignment. “2018 has truly been a year of events and happenings. In February our sixth grandchild was born while we were in Kenya. Alan took a trip up to Marsabit to a meeting with the Kenyan AIC committee to discuss the way forward for the new Bible School to begin. We celebrated our 60th milestone birthdays with a party and silent auction, which raised a considerable amount of funds. Alan finally left his job in May, Pauline left her job in July but went back to do a bit of supply work until the end of November. Our church friends organised a music concert which also raised a lot of money towards the work. On Sunday 2nd December we had the Commissioning Service at Ross Baptist Church, to which many folk travelled miles to be with us.” Praise God for his faithfulness and provision shown to the Jordans through church, friends and family, and pray that they will know him to be watching over them as they start their assignment in January.

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