November 6, 2020

Alan and Pauline Jordan

“After much thought and discussion we decided not to travel back to the UK during these two months of October and November… We believe we are a little safer here in northern Kenya! However, in Kenya positive testing is on the rise… The President has announced new Covid-19 guidelines for a 60-day period: curfew from 10pm-4am, 1 metre social distancing, and for public officers aged over 58 years to work remotely. School opening has been put back until January 2021. Please pray for the remaining students who won’t return to school until January 2021, who will repeat an academic year. Pray that people travelling out of Nairobi won’t carry the virus with them to neighbouring counties… Pray for our conversations with the locals who continue to be interested in what we are still doing here in Marsabit even though there is a pandemic.”

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