April 15, 2016

Andrew Wallace

“Last Tuesday morning held an unexpected but wonderful adventure. The previous day, Jason (our construction overseer) had been out exploring in the vehicle and come across a compound that was very isolated, all on its own against a rock. He suggested that I come with him Tuesday morning and he would drop me off there to visit with them. When we arrived the people excitedly came out of the compound to meet us. Seeing the pick-up truck the first question was naturally, ‘what have you brought us?’ To which I said, ‘I have come to tell you the Word of God.’ With enthusiasm they invited me inside and we talked for a little bit about the home and the family. Then, one particular lady named Nakongolo invited me to sit down and share the Word of God with them. So I did, reading the Creation story. They listened intently. When I reached the end I asked them if they understood that everything was good in the beginning. They said yes. I asked them if they knew why things are not good now. They said no. So we read the story of the Fall together. Then they said, ‘now we understand!’ I told them that the Bible teaches that one day this world will end and people will either go to heaven with God, or below, away from God. I asked, ‘do you know how we go to heaven?’ They said no. I then explained that God had a son named Jesus who lived a perfect life. I explained that he took our bad things and gave us his perfect life instead so that God no longer needs to punish us. I explained that if we believe in him, then we know we will go to heaven. They did not ask for anything else from me, food or money – they were satisfied with the gift of the Word of God! Please pray for this compound called Lokwamaru. Pray particularly for this lady Nakongolo, as she was so excited to hear.”

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