Inland Mission

Pray for the
Shibushi people

The Shibushi people live on Mayotte, a small island in the Indian Ocean. As a French overseas department there is religious freedom, however, 98% of the population follow Islam.

Who are the Shibushi?

The Shibushi people live on Mayotte, a small island in the Indian Ocean. There are two people groups on the island (Shibushi and Shimaore), each with their own language (Kibushi and Shimaore), however, they share their culture and beliefs. As a French overseas department there is religious freedom, however, 98% of the population follow Islam. While missionaries can freely talk about Jesus, they do have to be wise and sensitive about how exactly they do so, especially in the villages. Bringing skills like English teaching and vocational training, lends legitimacy to our missionaries’ presence and helps the communities.

What do they believe?

The Shibushi practise a moderate form of Islam, mixed with a variety of traditional animistic beliefs and occultism. Some younger people who have studied abroad in France are questioning Islam and becoming more materialistic and secular in their worldview. There are only a handful of Shibushi who follow Jesus.

What is being done to reach them?

A team is currently living and working in these communities, learning local languages and culture to develop relationships through which the gospel can be shared. Members have been teaching in the community, in schools and the University. There have been many years of Bible translation (in Shimaore), which is still ongoing. One family are partnering with International protestant church in the capital to equip and mobilise migrant believers from Madagascar and West Africa to reach out to the Shibushi and Shimaore people.

Prayer Resources


If you are organising a prayer meeting or just looking for material to help you pray with more insight for some of Africa’s unreached people, why not download a printable Prayer sheet on the Shibushi of Mayotte.


Latest prayer updates…

Below are some of the latest prayer updates on the peoples of Mayotte.

Give thanks:

For a growing team of missionaries on the island and the many openings to use their professions and vocations to work alongside the Shibushi people.
For the islanders who have come to trust in Jesus, despite opposition from families and friends, and for others who are searching.
For the many immigrants from neighbouring islands that arrive and can be freely discipled and who are maturing in their faith.

Please pray:

That our missionaries would be prepared, bold and wise in the way they share their faith.
That more islanders would be open to read the Bible and that God would speak to them through its pages.
That the Lord would encourage and uphold island believers, and that they would want to pass on the gospel to others.
For the churches in the capital to seek unity and to proactively reach out to the islanders on their doorstep.
Students often head to France for University or for further training. This is a great opportunity for them to hear more about Jesus – pray for the churches in France!

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