Inland Mission

Sam & Leanna Williamson

with Ella, Suzanna, Zeph & Zeke

Sent from St Luke's Church, Wimbledon Park, London

Sam and Leanna lead the Extreme TIMO team seeking to reach out to shepherds in the mountains of Lesotho with the gospel.

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Lesotho is nicknamed the “Kingdom in the Sky”, and rightly so, given that it is the only state in the world that lies entirely 1km above sea level. Sam and Leanna lead a team of men who live and work with the nomadic shepherds who live isolated lives high in the mountains. The TIMO team ultimately aims to plant a church among them, praying that shepherds of livestock will become shepherds of men.

As well as supporting the team in sharing the gospel, Sam and Leanna also facilitate their learning of a theological curriculum and care for their spiritual growth during the two year period of their service with AIM.

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Partner with the Williamsons

The Williamsons led an Extreme TIMO team of men who lived and worked with the semi-nomadic shepherds of Lesotho.

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