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Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

with Vanya, Issa, Abbey, Dani & Simeon

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Jurgen and Katja work in Madagascar to preach Jesus to the unreached.

Madagascar The world’s fourth biggest island boasting flora and fauna that exist nowhere else on earth. 92% of the population exist on less than £2 per day. 41% of the population identify with Christianity, 7% with Islam, the majority follow Traditional African Religions.

It is their passion to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard; to give them the chance to believe and be saved; to see lives – a country – transformed. AIM Madagscar strives to see this transformation. The Hofmann family live among the Tanala people of Madagascar. They are currently studying the local dialect and culture so they can communicate the gospel in the heart language of the people. They have already translated 40 Bible stories in Tanala language. They will use these stories in their second term to go from village to village.

AIM seeks to see Christ-centred churches amongst all African peoples. As part of that commitment, AIM Madagascar has surveyed the Tanala in the east. The Tanala are among the least reached groups and are eager to hear the gospel. On the most recent survey the elders of a village expressed: ‘If the Bible is good news our people need to hear it!’ And then: ‘When will you come?’

As a family they have worked towards being missionaries for years, during which time Jurgen has studied Theology and Katja has started home educating the children.

Could you partner with the Hofmanns in this work?

Partner with the Hofmanns

The Hofmanns live among the Tanala people of Madagascar. They are learning language and translating Bible stories.

If you would like to partner with the Hofmanns in your prayers, gifts and practical support, please download and complete this form and return to Freepost RTJH-JRZE-XXKX Africa Inland Mission, Halifax Place, Nottingham NG1 1QN.

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