Inland Mission

Andrew & Anna Beckham

with Phoebe

Sent from Emmanuel Church, Bramcote


The Laarim live much as their ancestors have lived for generations, keeping livestock and living from the land, isolated from the outside world, devoid of modern development and without resources other than word-of-mouth communication to broaden their horizons.

Andrew, Anna & Phoebe are living, along with an international team, among the Laarim people seeking to share the hope of the gospel with them.

South Sudan became the world’s newest country on 9 July 2011. It was the outcome of the 2005 peace deal that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war. The majority of the population adhere to Christianity. Only 18% call themselves Muslim unlike Sudan, which is 97%.

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Many of the children in the Laarim community are curious and will join any activities that take place within their communities. Most are open to the gospel as well. Pray that as the word of God is shared with the Laarim children they would understand it, learn to obey it, and share it with others.

The Laarim are spread in small settlements across the rugged Boya mountain range, around 250km east of Juba. Laarim life revolves around their cattle and for many is also dominated by traditional African beliefs and spiritualistic rituals. The Beckhams initial focus will be on cultural understanding and language development, learning from the Laarim and by sharing their lives, build relationships with them. Ultimately, we and the Beckhams want the Laarim to have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus and to see God powerfully at work, changing lives and growing his church amongst them, through his gospel message. The Beckhams will be working with this fledgling church to enable, encourage and disciple the new believers.

Andrew and Anna believe that God has specifically equipped and impassioned them to be part of this work through their medical and midwifery training, seeing their healthcare roles as a loving adornment of the gospel they proclaim. They hope to find opportunities to care holistically for members of the Laarim, addressing both their physical and spiritual needs in Jesus.

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Andrew, Anna & Phoebe Beckham are seeking to reach the unreached Laarim of South Sudan with the gospel.

If you would like to partner with the Beckhams in your prayers, gifts and practical support, please download and complete this form and return to Freepost RTJH-JRZE-XXKX Africa Inland Mission, Halifax Place, Nottingham NG1 1QN.

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